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Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Did I Really Say That?: wtnh.com


Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)

Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)


"Working with Charlie was the best experience in the world. Not only did he teach me interview skills for my Mrs. Connecticut 2013 win, but as a business woman he taught me how to be comfortable doing a live presentation or in front of a TV or video camera. Public speaking has been one of my fears my entire life, but with Charlie's help I learned ways to cope with my nerves. He taught me how to answer questions I wouldn't normally feel comfortable answering. Best of all Charlie showed me how to be confident and poised, whether on stage, in front of a camera, or at a business meeting."

Loriann - Body Construct, LLC

Pageant Interview Services

A. Completing Your Fact Sheet...how to answer questions, write responses, what to include editing

$25.00 per half hour


B. Preparing Your Platform... what to include, identifying relevant information, individualizing your statement, originality, organization, effective writing and editing 

$50.00 per hour


C. Anatomy of an Interview...a conversation about interview, content, how to answer a question, presentation and personal style

$25.00 per half hour


D. Personal Consultation... identify strengths, areas for improvement, goals

$25.00 per half hour


E. Interview Topics...types of questions, first impressions, body language, mind sets, personal affect, dealing with anxiety, appearance

$50.00 per hour


F. Good Questions...high & low gain questions, expectations, how to practice

$25.00 per hour


G. Interview Practice...questions, response analysis instruction, special methods & techniques

$50.00 per hour


H. Mock Interview...a simulated interview, analysis, critical feedback

$50.00 per hour/$25 service charge for panel


I. Video Interview Analysis...submit videotape of interview for critique, written analysis, instructions for improvement, verbal consultation (upon request)

$50.00 per hour


J. Question of the Day ...receive a new question and analysis of your answer each day,

via e-mail.

$5.00 per day/$25 per week/$80.00 per month



Special Workshop for Board Members, Judges and Business Managers learn what makes a quality interview, methods for answering questions, how to coach, competitors, practice techniques, identifying high & low gain questions, how to provide constructive feedback

3 hrs/price provided on request


All services by appointment. 


For additional information, or to make an appointment, contact Interview Image Associates, LLC, at:

104 Mill Pond Road, South Windsor, CT 06074, 860-644-0697; cjmargolis@snet.net