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Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Did I Really Say That?: wtnh.com


Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)

Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)


"Interview has always been a weakness of mine. For the years that I have competed, it always seemed like I was excelling in all phases of competition but stayed baseline for interview and lacked serious confidence in speaking publicly. I figured it was time to make a change and I read “Did I Really Say That? The Complete Pageant Interview Guide” by Charles Margolis but did not want to stop there. I went in for lessons and very soon after, I had won my local. Charles gave me the tools on how to speak with confidence, poise, and intelligence as well as making the interview personal to me. What he gave to me, helped me in all aspects of competing and I would not have been able to succeed without his help."

-Alexandra Giannelli
Miss Greater Waterbury 2016

Latest News

Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Did I Really Say That?: wtnh.com

Watch Charlie on WTNH - Channel 8 - April 2nd, 2012

Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)

Watch Charlie on Newington Cable Television (March 26, 2012)

"Did I Really Say That?" The Complete Pageant Interview Guide is filled with innovative ideas and practical methods for interview preparation, responding to questions, coping with emotions and much more. Through a series of entertaining narratives and real life examples, the book explores every aspect of the pageant interview process. Using the original techniques and methods developed by the author, every pageant contestant, from novice to experienced competitor, can elevate her interview to the next level.

- frequently asked questions
- sample responses
- an in-depth analysis of each answer
- performance tips
- pages of practice questions

"This is the ultimate pageant interview book. The stories are entertaining, and each chapter is incredibly informative. It also contains a lot of great practice questions. Using the methods taught in this book, I was able to win the interview award in my state pageant. It helped me reach my full potential."

Sharalynn Kuziak,
Miss Connecticut 2009

Coming soon to kindle ebooks


South Windsor Life Interview, February 2010

South Windsor Life Interview, February 2010
Reprinted with permission of South Windsor LIFE

South Windsor-based Interview Image Associates LLC is run by Charles Margolis (left) and Steve Parker, offering communication analysis and coaching to help clients present a more positive image.

Image Interviewing Associates helps with communicating
by Sherman Tarr

The best time to work on your image is before you have to display it to other people in, for instance, a political campaign, a beauty pageant, a job or college entrance interview or a media interview. That s one message coming from South Windsor-based Interview Image Associates, LLC, a media company that bills itself as specializing in assisting people who want to communicate more effectively and present a more positive personal image.

The three veteran principals in the company are Charles Margolis, executive director; Steve Parker, president, vice president. Mr. Margolis resides in South Windsor.

Mr. Margolis is an interview specialist who works with business and political candidates, as well as pageant contestants, on both content and style of presentations. He worked with the current Miss Connecticut, Sharalynn Kuziak of Southington, who competed in the recent Miss America contest.

Mr. Parker is a staff announcer for WTNH News Channel 8, host of STEVE TV, and former host of a talk radio program on WPOP. He instructs clients on how to make the best use of radio and TV.

We bring different aspects of our combined talents to the table, said Mr. Parker, working with people who may think they are putting out an image they think is right. We have a way of looking at it and saying it may not be right but we can make it right.

Mr. Margolis retired two years ago after a long career teaching at Newington High School; however, he continued coaching beauty pageant hopefuls which he has been doing now for 17 years. Then he looked at local political candidates in Connecticut and thought These guys are not doing very well in projecting a positive image. They don t know that they could do better.

Pageantry of politics
Noting Mr. Margolis s experience working with beauty contestants, Mr. Parker said, It s almost like the pageantry of politics. Take a candidate, think of him that way, other than the swimsuit aspect. Think about what they bring to the table, your first impression of them, how they dress, how they appear, their conviction of what they say, do they look better when they look left or do they look better when they look right and what are the things that you are not going to be able to change at all.

Essential to a political campaign, Mr. Margolis said, is maintaining a consistent image. Remember when Al Gore s handlers made mistakes week after week, they could not settle on an image and because it was such a close election it probably cost him the election. It s more than just wearing a power tie. You are the message: it s not so much what you say but are you believable, are you trustworthy, do I want you as my leader? Those are the things that influence votes. People do not vote on intellect, people vote on the feeling they have about a candidate.

Mr. Parker said, One of the most difficult things is for a politician to realize they need our help. You re dealing with people who often have egos, and if you don t feel you need help, then you really need help.
Generally, those running for local offices don t feel they can afford or need help, said Mr. Margolis. We feel that s a niche that we can fill because we re affordable; we re reasonable and more than willing to work with anyone, whether they re running for a town council or board of education.

First and last impressions
A lot of what we do is cognitively based, Mr. Margolis said. You remember first impressions and then last impressions, in that order. So anyone who does not plan and prepare for their first impression is foolish. We also know from research that the brain craves narratives. The brain likes stories. Most politicians speak in abstractions: We re going to reduce the budget. We re going to eliminate waste. That is now what people relate to. People want to know specifics.

I tell my beauty pageant clients that you can t be wrong if you talk about yourself, said Mr. Margolis. First, people love to hear your story. Second, it makes you an individual and thirdly, since you re the only one who has had the experience, what you say becomes memorable.
People want that one-on-one connection, Mr. Parker said.

Customized coaching
Coaching is customized for each client of Interview Image Associates. One of the characteristics of our company is that we don t have templates that we plug people into, Mr. Margolis said.
All instruction is done one-to-one, he said, working with the client s own style in a positive and non-threatening manner. Interview Image Associates, LLC has developed original techniques and methods to help clients succeed. Seminars for candidates highlight developing a media image, response strategies, mock interviews, speech analysis, and writing and editing messages, while pageant interview coaching centers on platform development, media image, and interview analysis and strategies. Workshops are available also for pageant board members, judges, and business managers.

We established a college interview workshop, Mr. Margolis said, because we didn t see that anyone was doing that at all.
The college interview workshop presents strategies for students to improve the quality of their one-on-one interviews. All work is based upon research, diverse instructional methods, hands-on experiences, and practical applications. Interview Image Associates, LLC, will present an overview of The College Workshop for the South Windsor Parent Advisory Group on Feb. 24, 7 p.m., South Windsor High School.

Among the testimonials on the company web page is one from South Windsor s John Pelkey, recently sworn in as mayor: In South Windsor the town council candidate who is the highest voter getter in the majority party becomes mayor. I had run in six prior campaigns and was always elected to the town council, but never as mayor. I experienced the meaning of the saying always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Then I met Charlie. During my sixth term he worked with me on my verbal deliveries, and my messages became direct and clear. On my seventh run for office we worked on message content. As he pointed out I had all the right ingredients; I just had to get the right mix. As the new mayor of South Windsor I highly endorse Charlie and the excellent work of his company. SWL
Further information can be found at: www.interviewimageassociates.com.

Sunday, October 20th, 1-4pm - Pageant Preparation Seminar

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